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Premio Francesco Fabbri per le arti contemporanee

Art.1 – Purpose
The Francesco Fabbri Onlus Foundation holds the Francesco Fabbri Prize for the Contemporary Arts with a view to promote international contemporary photographic research and the emerging arts, in general.

Art. 2 – Sections and eligibility

The award competition is open to all contemporary artists no matter the nationality. It imposes no limitations in terms of themes, as per the criteria provided in the individual sections.
Artists can register with both sections and/or submit multiple artworks within the same section.



This section includes works by contemporary artists under 35 years of age at the closing date of the Call, this year being 4th September 2022. All participants will be invited to submit any form of visual artwork—with no limitations in terms of the language used—such as painting, drawing, graphic art, sculpture, art installations, video-art, performance art, sound-art and photography.
The artworks will not exceed 150×150 cm in size, if two-dimensional, and a footprint of no more than 150x150x150 cm, if three-dimensional.
The artworks submitted will be evaluated by the jury according to criteria of quality and contemporaneity.



This section calls for authors of all nationalities working with any photographic medium, with no limits of age. The artworks submitted will not exceed 150×150 cm in size.
Artists will be able to submit only one entry per submission, also as one installation including multiple images falling within the allowed size of 150×150 cm (e.g. diptychs or triptychs).
The artworks submitted will be evaluated by the jury according to criteria of quality and contemporaneity.


Art. 3 – Prizes

The winners will be awarded the following prizes:
€5,000.00 (five thousand/00) to the winner of the “EMERGING ART” section.
€5,000.00 (five thousand/00) to the winner of the “CONTEMPORARY PHOTOGRAPHY” section.
The jury reserves the right to also assign special mentions wherever particularly significant artworks in terms of quality and research were identified.
The prize amounts will be subject to a 25% withholding tax as per laws currently in force.
The two winning artworks will remain in the property of the Francesco Fabbri Foundation and will be installed at Casa Fabbri, the Foundation’s headquarters.


Art. 4 – Deadlines and registration
Artists can register from 16 th May until 4th September 2022, as stated below:



Via the Francesco Fabbri Foundation website at this link:
leading to the online registration form, as follows:
– Please complete a new registration form for each artwork you wish to submit.
– Please upload a single image or transmit a single video for each artwork you wish to submit.
– For pictures (mandatory for paintings, drawings, graphic artworks, sculptures, art installations, photography and contemporary photography), please upload files with the following characteristics: JPEG, PNG or TIF file format, 4 Mpx resolution, file size between 1 and 5 MB.
– For videos (mandatory for video and performance artworks), the file cannot be uploaded and will need to be transmitted by entering a link in the form for subsequent downloading. Transmission will be under the sole responsibility of the artist. The file submitted should have the following characteristics: MP4, MOV or AVI file format, 10 minutes max.
– The application will be accepted provided that all the mandatory fields in the registration form have been completed; if at least one picture or video file is attached, and if the payment date and method of the registration fee are indicated


To better explain the artist’s intent, the following can be attached to the online documents: the artist’s resume, explanatory notes and a picture of the artwork (out-of-competition), explaining the artist’s line of research.


Art. 5 – Registration fee
The registration fee, for the contribution to the expenses of the Prize, is equal to Euro 40.00 (forty / 00 euros) for each work to be submitted.
Payment of the registration fee must be made in Euros, without charges or commissions charged to the Prize. The registration fee is not refundable.
Payment of the registration fee can be made by:
–     PAYPAL (online, direttamente sul sito della Fondazione Fabbri);
–     BONIFICO BANCARIO: Banca Prealpi Sanbiagio Credito Cooperativo – Società Cooperativa Italia, IBAN: IT95C0890461920006000007126, codice BIC: CCRTIT2TPRE, intestato a PREMIO FRANCESCO FABBRI, causale: nome e cognome artista – Iscrizione Premio Francesco Fabbri 2022.
If the payment of the registration fee is not in order, the candidate will be automatically excluded from the Award.


Art. 6 – Jury
The following jury panel will be in charge of the selection of the shortlisted artworks:



Lorenzo Balbi
Rossella Farinotti
Antonio Grulli
Stefano Raimondi
Carlo Sala



Daniele De Luigi
Francesca Lazzarini
Giangavino Pazzola
Valentina Tanni
Carlo Sala


The two jury panels will shortlist 60 artworks, and namely 30 for the “Emerging Art” section and 30 for the “Contemporary Photography” section. All artworks will be featured in an exhibition that will take place at Villa Brandolini of Pieve di Soligo, Treviso, from 26th November till 18th December 2022.
The two final winners, one per section, will be selected from the shortlisted artworks.
The deliberations of the jury will be made based on criteria of quality and contemporaneity, and will be final and irrevocable.


Art. 7 – Deadlines

The Prize competition will be open for registration from 16th May until 4th September 2022.
The names of the shortlisted artists will be announced by e-mail and posted on the website of the Francesco Fabbri Foundation before 2nd November 2022.
Shortlisted artists will have to deliver the physical selected artworks (at their own charge) to Villa Brandolini of Pieve di Soligo, Treviso, in the days of the 21 and 22 November 2022. The exhibition of the shortlisted artworks will be set up between 24th and 25th November 2022. These dates may slightly vary in the event of unexpected circumstances, which will be promptly notified to the artists by the Prize office. The artists will also be responsible for the collection of the artworks after the exhibition, with their own means and at their own charge.


Art. 8 – Shortlisted artworks show and prize awarding ceremony

The artworks by the shortlisted artists will be exhibited at Villa Brandolini of Pieve di Soligo, Treviso, from 26th November until 18th December 2022.
During the private view of the exhibition, the Prize winners will be announced, in the presence of the public and the press.


Art. 9 – Liability
The Francesco Fabbri Foundation guarantees a state-of-the-art level of expertise in the organisation of the Prize and it will guarantee insurance coverage for the finalist works at its own expense during the period of the exhibition


Art. 10 – Privacy

The participants in the Francesco Fabbri Prize competition authorise the Francesco Fabbri Foundation to process their personal data pursuant to law 675/96 (Privacy Law), subsequent amendments to Legislative Decree 196/2003 (Privacy Code) and GDPR on Privacy (reg. EU No. 679/2016) including amendments to Legislative Decree 101/18.
They also grant the Francesco Fabbri Foundation free rights to reproduce the works and texts issued for the Prize for publication in the Foundation’s website, and various forms of promotion initiatives in the context of the event.


Art. 11 – Compliance with the Call
Registration to the Prize implies the tacit acceptance of all the articles set forth in this Call.


Pieve di Soligo, 16 maggio 2022